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Wazazu.me Review

Wazazu.me Review: Scam & Closed

Wazazu.me was a Bitcoin gaming site that was first live in September 2013 and faced issues from the time it was created to the time it went off-line for good, approximately a month and a half later. The concept behind Wazazu.me was a Bitcoin game that was an online version of the classic game “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. Players would deposit Bitcoin that they wanted to wager with, games up to one Bitcoin, then select the option that they wanted between rock, paper, and scissors. If players both picked the same one, both players would have their wagers refunded to start a new game. If one player defeated the other, they would win 1.99 BTC, if they both had wagered the max of 1 BTC, and the house would keep .01BTC as their edge. Although very few players played at Wazazu.me, complaints seemed to be quite high in quantity. From lag of the site, to missing funds, to complaints that it might be rigged, due to the fact a player could not choose his opponent rather than the site automatically doing it for them. The owners of the site were claiming that server issues were the main cause of most of the problems but that they would be fixed within the coming days and weeks.

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After just a single month of being online, Wazazu.me started ignoring player complaints of stolen funds and shortly after November had come, Wazuzu.me was taken off-line with the few players who had participated within the site, out of their Bitcoin and without any answers. No major amount of Bitcoin has been reported lost, fortunately, but sites like Wazuzu.me have warning signs of being inoperable from the beginning. It’s easy to speak in hindsight of a scam like Wazuzu.me occurring but there were a couple of red flags players should have noticed in order for this to have never happened. First, if a Bitcoin wagering site is having server issues the moment a deposit is made, it is best for potential players to stay away from these sites. Many legitimate Bitcoin gaming sites test all the functionality of their website before they go live, which by their own admission, Wazazu.me did not. Another red flag from the beginning was the fact the owner had mentioned that depositing and getting people interested, would help the site out and would help players “win a lots money” according to a forum post. These were evident signs of a site doomed to fail, and subsequently, most players were cautionary and stayed away from Wazazu.me from the very beginning. Unfortunately, a handful of players were not as weary and lost some Bitcoin in the process.

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