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SWCPoker.eu Review
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SWCPoker.eu Review: New Bitcoin Poker Site

As many in the Bitcoin Gaming industry know, many Bitcoin gaming operations dissipate over time due to the volatility of many casinos in the industry. This usually tends to leave our players without their funds and owners running away with whatever they stole or in some cases websites being vulnerable to attacks and have funds lost that way. Seals With Clubs, now with a new re-branding of SWCPoker.eu, had to be shutdown back in February 2015 to prevent what otherwise would have been a total collapse of their infrastructure. One of the more popular Bitcoin gaming destinations on the web,  players at the time of the collapse were left scrambling as to what to do next when it came to recovering their Bitcoin, as there were so many questions but absolutely no answers. Eventually on February 20th the new leadership team came out with the following statement as to the collapse of Seals With Clubs:

“Effective immediately, SealsWithClubs will cease providing Bitcoin poker and will be shutting down all operations except to allow player funds to be withdrawn for a limited period of time. SealsWithClubs is, and has been, completely solvent up to this point in operations.


On approximately February 11th, 2015, several events occurred related to operational security that we consider to indicate SealsWithClubs now operates in a perpetual state of jeopardy. We will not divulge details publically, but they may come to light if any team member chooses to come forward of their own volition at a later date. All player funds and data remain intact and the issue was not software related. We do not believe any of our Bitcoin wallets used in operations to be compromised or lost. However, this event has made the majority vote of the ownership and team agree that shutting down operations is the best move for safety and security purposes.

SealsWithClubs Chairman, Bryan Micon, would like to carry forward the business with his own team (currently settling in Antigua) but the majority ownership cannot guarantee the future security, solvency, and integrity of that operation because there will be no administrative oversight carried over from SealsWithClubs. Members of the SealsWithClubs team and ownership are not ones to lightly endorse anything, not even our own longstanding trustworthy team members, which is why nobody ever makes a sole decision. This dynamic has saved the business several times throughout the years. With Micon operating on his own with his own team, the checks and balances we have kept in place against one another internally for 3+ years will have been removed.

As the majority ownership & team will not go forward with operations but Micon is still in a position to do so, it makes the most sense to hand off assets to Micon in order to enable him to provide to our players the best Bitcoin poker experience he can. Micon has been extremely enthusiastic and dedicated to SealsWithClubs for longer than any member of SealsWithClubs historically, and we truly believe he wants what’s best for its players.

We’ve made considerable effort and expense on a SwC 2.0 software package over an extended period of time; we are transferring the rights to that package in full to Micon with the understanding he will remain faithful to the revenue share and licensing agreement SealsWithClubs had with its primary developer(s) that continue work on it. We suspect that the primary developer(s) behind that project will gladly continue working with Micon. Micon will also be provided the swcpoker.eu domain from which we were planning to continue operations from once SwC 2.0 was ready to deploy. As such, we believe Micon will have the resources at his disposal to bring the new site up, backed by the new SwC 2.0 software package, at a rapid pace.

The traditional SwC 1.0 clients and server, based upon the PokerMavens server/client software and protocol, will be retired. There are a number of operational and security considerations to the SwC 1.0 architecture that we do not feel could be properly documented and conveyed to any new team for further operations or development. At this time, those available must focus our efforts elsewhere.

While the majority ownership and team wish the best for Micon and his operation, we prioritize remaining faithful to our player’s balances and security first and foremost. The SealsWithClubs.eu domain, related social media accounts and support e-mail addresses (for the duration they are still active and being checked) will solely be used for administrating and paying out all remaining player withdrawal requests. In the event the domain is seized or the current withdrawal server is made inoperational during the period withdrawals are still being administrated, a signed GPG message from hdev or xdev will provide definitive instructions for players to continue making withdrawal requests assuming we are still available and able to draft such a message. Any unsigned or invalidly signed instructions by others should not be considered legitimate.

Please note that withdrawals will only be open for a limited period of time and be solely administrated by those uninvolved with Micon’s new operation who have been charged historically with maintaining SealsWithClubs solvency. Those able to stick around to process these withdrawals are hoping to commit to at least a few months of availability. We hope that this is sufficient in allowing all players to make their appropriate claims to their funds before they are made unavailable; in addition, we hope our players will do their part by spreading the word.

In line with remaining faithful to player security, we will not be providing Micon or his team with account passwords or authentication information or balance details. We will provide to him account names and the current e-mail addresses associated with them, as well as the krill amount associated to each account. This should allow his team, if they choose, to reserve usernames and e-mail password resets to users as well as honor their Krill amounts. Micon will also be provided the current e-mail address and account names of any affiliate accounts and the accounts associated under them so that he can choose to remain true to the affiliates in the affiliate program that he pioneered through the years for SealsWithClubs.


I reiterate for emphasis: Micon nor his team have not and will not be provided access to SealsWithClubs player funds or account credentials at any time. This limitation is not placed in order to hinder Micon or his operation, but rather, to remain true to the SealsWithClubs administration’s commitment to player security and balance integrity to the very end.

Thank you to all of our players for your support, trust, loyalty and enthusiasm throughout the years. We know that cryptocurrency poker is here to stay and it saddens us all to be in a position that we can no longer reliably be the ones to provide it to you.”






Site Details

Website URL: www.swcpoker.eu
Software: Custom
Languages: English
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License(s): None listed
Established: 2015
Compatibility: PC

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Since this time, the rebranded SWCPoker.eu has re-captured quite a bit of the Seals With Clubs traffic and is continually providing a great place that has seemed a lot smoother in its operation, than that of Seals With Clubs. The support the new ownership has given players has been tremendously helpful in the re-branding of the website and the game play itself has been a lot smoother than before.

SWCPoker.eu is a great place to play and they have shown a resilience that many other sites would have folded to, in poker terms. Even though it is early, it is a recommended place for both new Bitcoin players and the ones who previously played at Seals With Clubs, to play at.

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