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SatoshiBet Review

Does It Do The Satoshi Name Justice?, founded in March of 2013, is an online casino that provides players with a provably fair casino, that has the basic games that you would find with a Bitcoin casino. SatoshiBet may only have nine different games that a player can play, but they include the most popular ones, such as Blackjack and Roulette. While it certainly doesn’t have the complexity or amount of games that some casinos have, what it does have, is a clean and nice working interface. SatoshiBet also has one of the best, if not the best, banking features in the Bitcoin gaming sector. That along with smooth game play and tremendous support, is a big reason why this casino is rated as high as it is, in this review.

Statement from

“We were one of the first Bitcoin casinos, and have continued strong, to this day, with winnings totaling more than 46,000 Bitcoin coming from over 16 million games played. All of our games are in HTML5, so they work on all devices, except for the IPhone, which is what we are striving to bring to users, in the near future. We take pride in providing exceptional support and always being able to provide players a safe and fun place to play!”

Games and Gameplay

As mentioned prior, SatoshiBet is one of the oldest Bitcoin casinos on the market. While most of it’s competitors advertise hundreds of games, SatoshiBet provides players just nine games: American Roulette, European Roulette, Blackjack, Casino War, Baccarat, Dice, Lucky 7 Slots, Video Poker, and a unique twist on Minesweeper. While most players may question why there are only nine games, when we reviewed this site, we were astounded with how easy and fluid these games played. While quantity may look good on the outside, quality of game play is what the majority of players actually prefer online. When a player plays at SatoshiBet, the first thing they will realize is how smooth and seamless game play truly is. We were amazed with how the game flow was when playing each and every game and multiple hands of each game. During our tests, we only had three hands that lagged, each for about two seconds. The rest of the time, the game play was superb and smooth flowing. For a site that receives the amount of traffic it does, it was quite a surprise.


We found one of the biggest advantages of playing at SatoshiBet was the most important part of Bitcoin gambling: the banking. Players can have the luckiest day of their life, and win quite a bit of Bitcoin, but it doesn’t matter, if they never receive a withdrawal. With SatoshiBet, we found that the only part that players need to worry about, is winning. Deposits only take one confirmation to be credited to a player’s account. When a player decides to withdrawal, previous deposits must have at least two confirmations for that withdrawal to be processed, which is below what some of the bigger casinos require. When a player withdrawals (lowest minimum of any casino: .1mbtc), they are notified that the withdrawal takes 3 to 5 minutes to hit the block chain. We found that to be inaccurate every time we withdrew. The longest amount of time it took for the withdrawal to be processed? 32 seconds. Even for the 1.6 Bitcoin withdrawal that we tested, it took less than 30 seconds to hit the block chain. Needless to say, players will be impressed by the speed of transactions at SatoshiBet. SatoshiBet also provides players with the ability to deposit Dogecoin and Litecoin, if they so desire.

Site Details

Website URL:
Software: In-House Platform
Languages: English, Russian, Chinese, German, Romanian, Turkish, Italian
Min Bet: .1mBTC
Max Bet: 5BTC
License(s): None Listed
Established: 2013
Compatibility: PC/MAC/Android

SatoshiBet Review Features

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  • Very good graphics
  • Good sounds
  • Small selection of games


  • No


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  • No

Live Dealer

  • No

Customer Service and Support

In SatoshiBet’s mission statement listed above, they are quoted as saying “they strive to provide exceptional customer support”. The fact is, they do just that. Whether we contacted them through the Bitcointalk forum, or we sent them an email, the response time was very quick. We were also impressed with how professional the support was, and how they took the time to look into our individual issue, rather than quoting an FAQ or terms and conditions page. One of the most undervalued aspects of Bitcoin casinos is the support staff and team at a particular site. SatoshiBet excels in this aspect, and when compared to other casinos, is definitely within the top few spots, when it comes to customer support.

Bonus Offers

SatoshiBet offers a truly unique match deposit bonus to all the new players. We are talking about a 100% bonus up to 1 BTC on the first deposit! It requires though that the bonus amount to be wagered at least 35X times until it becomes part of the real money. Nevertheless, it is one of the best bitcoin bonuses on the net.

Fair Gaming

SatoshiBet uses the industy standard, Provably Fair system, with every single bet made on While all their games and their platform is made in-house, players can check with the game’s hash, to confirm whether a bet was won or lost. When we tested  50 random bets against the hash provided,  and every single one of them was confirmed to be accurate.


When players first land on, they might be underwhelmed with the selection SatoshiBet offers, but astounded with how simple and easy it is to use the site. With many casinos proudly boasting high number of games and different variations of  games, SatoshiBet proudly boasts the importance of the quality and simplicity of games. Players may be skeptical, at first, because of its lack of a “quality” design and it’s selection of games, but they’ll be missing out on one of the most trusted casinos in the industry. For what players truly seek in a gambling experience, SatoshiBet provides that hands down.

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