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Pocket Rockets Casino Review
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Pocket Rockets Casino Review: Roulette, Blackjack and Dice

On April 3rd, 2013, PocketRockets Casino (pocketrocketscasino.eu) was introduced to the Bitcoin gaming community as a site for players to wager Bitcoin on three of the most popular casino games that included blackjack, poker, and dice. Since its introduction to the Bitcoin gaming sector, PocketRockets has continued to excel in customer service and provide players a safe and reputable place to wager Bitcoin. Although the poker room has been removed from the original PocketRockets website, they have replaced the poker room with a roulette game, while keeping intact the blackjack and dice games. PocketRockets also participates in providing players great promotions and rewards, alongside contests and other perks that players can partake in. PocketRockets also has provided an investment opportunity for both players and non-players for their dice game. Now online for over two years, PocketRockets has established itself as one of the premier places that the Bitcoin community can trust, and also enjoy being able to wager without any doubt with the security of their Bitcoin.

Games Offered

The games that PocketRockets are very easy to remember since there are only three that are provided, up to this point. However they are three of the more popular casino games on the market and each use the “provably fair” verification for players to take security in. Blackjack, dice, and Roulette are the three games that PocketRockets offer and each offer smooth gameplay for players participating in each. Each game also has a specific chat room that players can use to communicate with other players and administrators while they play. Included within each game, is a live feed of each bet that is placed and the result of that bet, in real time. For players that are new to Bitcoin gaming or any of the games that PocketRockets provide, a Bitcoin faucet was implemented by PocketRockets that let players receive a small amount of Bitcoin to play with. The faucet incrementally increases as players continue to wager, all the way up to .0001 of a Bitcoin, the highest faucet amount that is provided at any Bitcoin casino, today. Although the quantity of games is most likely one of the fewest number of games players will find, the quality of the three are what has kept PocketRockets online and running since its introduction, and are easily playable across most platforms.

Investing at PocketRockets

As stated in the introduction, PocketRockets offers both players and non-players the opportunity to invest in the dice portion of the website and receive revenue depending on the shares that they currently hold, pending overall profit. Here’s the basic overview, as PocketRocket explains:

“Pocket Rockets Casino allows a player to invest in the house bankroll, the funds that players bet against. By investing in Pocket Rockets Casino a player will increase the bankroll and also the maximum profit a player can win per bet. This attracts more players. Players will receive a share of the profit the site makes from player losses. But you will also share the loss when a player wins. Our minimum investment is 0.1 Bitcoin. Currently, a player investment will only be used for the dice game but in the future, players will have the option to invest in the bankroll used for other site features. The dice game has a 1% house edge which means in the long run the site expects to make a profit of 1% of the total wagered amount. In the short term, the house can still lose money due to variance. If a certain player makes a lot of large bets, the house can win or lose more than the expected 1%.

A personal, basic example of investing on PocketRockets is as follows: If the house had one investor who invested 9 Bitcoin and you invested a further 1 Bitcoin, you would then have invested 10% of the total house bankroll of 10 Bitcoin. The other investor would now be providing 90% of the bankroll. If a player made a bet of 0.1 Bitcoin and lost the bankroll would increase to 10.1 Bitcoin and you would have a total investment of 1.01 Bitcoin. If the player won the new bankroll would be 9.9 Bitcoin and your total investment would be 0.99 Bitcoin. Pocket Rockets Casino allows you to reduce your counter party risk meaning you don’t have to deposit your full investment amount to the site. This works by letting you set how much of your investment is at risk each bet. The default is 0.5%.Lets assume you want to invest 10 Bitcoin at the default risk of 1/2 Kelly but don’t want to have the risk of a site operator holding on to all your Bitcoin. You could instead deposit 0.5 Bitcoin and invest at 10x Kelly. This puts more of your investment at risk each bet and you may need to redeposit and top up your investment account frequently due to the variance of the game.”

As explained above, while investing is completely optional for everyone it does provide another way that PocketRockets provides an added service for the Bitcoin community to be a part of.


Banking at PocketRockets is set at the industry standard, by today’s terms, with both deposits and withdrawals. Like most of the Bitcoin casinos a player will find, deposits take one confirmation to be credited to the players account, while most withdrawals are processed instantly. The only exception to the instant withdrawal is if the live wallet that processes the payments does not contain enough Bitcoin for the payout to be processed, in which case a payout may take up to 12 hours. While this rarely happens, this is the only delay to players receiving an instant withdrawal.


The support that PocketRockets provides is exceptional, due to the many ways of open communication they provide. Whether by email, forum, their own chat rooms, or even through social media like Facebook and Twitter, players are able to communicate any issues or problems that arise. As a test, we sent an email and got a response, within the hour, knowing that was one of the more inefficient ways of submitting a player inquiry. The support is professional, helpful, and quick at PocketRockets.

Game Fairness

PocketRockets uses the “provably fair” game verification for each game and hand played, which makes both the player and PocketRockets able to verify wins and losses. This is the industry standard.

Site Details

Website URL: www.pocketrocketscasino.eu
Software: Custom
Languages: English
Min Bet: 0.0001 BTC
Max Bet: 0.5 BTC
License(s): None listed
Established: April 2013

Pocket Rockets Casino Review Features

Bitcoin Casino

  • Smooth gameplay
  • Chat room for players
  • Provably Fair
  • Few games offered only


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  • Provably Fair
  • Huge cash prizes


  • Not offered

Live Dealer

  • Not offered


As two years have passed since the opening of PocketRockets, it has not failed to impress players on the validity and trust that it provides. Although the game quantity is extremely low, PocketRockets makes up for it by ensuring both players and investors that it intends on being in the Bitcoin community for a long time to come. With dedicated support, worthwhile periodical contests, and a name that has been around through the highs and lows of Bitcoin, it is highly recommended that a player check out PocketRockets as one of their top options.

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