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Grandecoin Casino Review

GrandeCoin Review: Run Away With Players’ Funds

Grandecoin Casino, which first appeared online in March 2014, was a Bitcoin casino that seemed to have problems, from the very beginning. It featured basic games such as blackjack, roulette, dice, slots, and many other similar type games that a player would find at many similar types of casinos. Its stay within the Bitcoin gaming community was extremely short-lived and the few players who actually decided to deposit their Bitcoin at GrandeCoin were left extremely unhappy.

Grandecoin Casino was the type of casino that many players, from the very beginning, avoided just for its lack of a professional design, and it’s seemingly “pop-up overnight” introduction to the Bitcoin gaming community. While its appearance easily was it’s first “red flag” for players to potentially stay away, did offer a 100% deposit match bonus for the few players who ultimately decided to give it a try. GrandeCoin’s first few weeks did offer players successful withdrawals, but only to basically build their trust to deposit more, as time went on. The games claimed to be “provably fair” but GrandeCoin did not provide any sort of verification transaction hash or seeds, like most other casinos that use the “provably fair” verification, were providing at the time. Some players complained that due to this unwillingness to provide what other sites were able to provide, that GrandeCoin seemed to be a scam in it is game-play and slowly started going away from depositing there.

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In mid-April 2014, GrandeCoin claimed maintenance issues were the cause of players not receiving their withdrawals on time, and subsequently went off-line for a few weeks, just to open back up again stating “we are back up and are taking deposits and withdrawals again”. Although the majority of players stayed away for good that were playing there, after a few days of being back online, deposits were going through, but withdrawals weren’t being paid out. This led to the eventual closure of and as of today, their website is being listed to be sold. It is without a doubt that the owners of GrandeCoin, were in it to scam players out of Bitcoin and ran with players funds for the three months time that GrandeCoin was online.

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