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First established in December 2013, DirectBet seeks to provide a market mostly targeted to Bitcoin players seeking an all around sportsbook. Players used to playing at other sportsbooks and casinos will find DirectBet a little different in how the transactions take place, but will find it a lot more secure in how it is set up. If a player is seeking a sportsbook-only, secure place to wager, then DirectBet might be a preferred choice.

Company Statement

“DirectBet revolutionized the way sports betting is done with crypto currencies. We came out with a unique approach where you don’t need to create an account and deposit to place a bet. Instead, winnings are sent back directly to your wallet, instantly and within minutes of the result. At DirectBet, your coins are kept safe in your wallet under your control while they are not in a wager.

DirectBet specializes in LIVE In-Play betting and brought in a lot of LIVE action to the Bitcoin world. We also offer many unique bets that are not available in other Bitcoin sportbooks, including horse racing and political bets, and we had offered bets on the World Series of Poker, Chess World Championship and The Oscars. We also support multiple alt coins and accept bets with Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins & Darkcoins.

At DirectBet, we continually innovate and introduce revolutionized features that are new to the entire sports betting industry. Excellent customer service is our top priority and we invest a lot in our customer service to make sure that all our clients are completely satisfied.”


DirectBet offers a very comprehensive list of items a player can wager on. As mentioned in the company statement, they do a very good job in providing wagers in categories that a player might not find elsewhere. The unique feature of this particular sportsbook though is the fact that it is a blockchain style of wagering, both with placing the wager and receiving the winnings, if bets are to win. A player makes a selection then sends the amount of Bitcoin they would like to wager, to a unique address. Players only send the desired amount they want to wager, to a particular address, and if the bet wins then the winnings are returned to an address, specified by the player, when they placed the bet. This keeps players from having to keep a balance at a certain location, and makes it available for players to keep the funds in their own wallet, until they desire to place a wager on a particular event. DirectBet does a great job providing the added security, in that feature alone, but also has some of the most competitive prices for events, in the Bitcoin gaming industry. As one of the more popular sports books among Bitcoin holders, DirectBet always has the players in mind, when maintaining their book. They also provide players a “provably fair” all in poker game where players can wager on winning the hand based on the the two cards they are dealt, Texas Hold’em style. While this game and a dice game are the only non-sportsbook features they have within the site, DirectBet was created mostly to be a sportsbook with a tremendous amount of selections, coupled with a great way to place wagers off of the blockchain. Within their time online, DirectBet has also added an in-game live betting feature for the players who enjoy placing a wager after a particular event has already started. This feature is extraordinary for a site who accepts bets only off of the blockchain, and has proven to be quite the success, in a relatively short run, of being able to accept these types of wages. If players hate to deposit and keep a balance on a site and love having the accessibility to practically any line available, DirectBet is a top option.


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the banking at DirectBet is quite unique to any other Bitcoin gaming site. Each wager that is wanting to be placed is sent to a unique address. When placing the wager, the player will specify a return address that the Bitcoin will be sent to, if the wager is won. Funds that are not wanting to being wagered are not tied up within a balance section on the site, unlike most other Bitcoin sites that just have a player’s balance sitting there. While most sites in today’s Bitcoin world do have the security that is required, DirectBet believes that players shouldn’t have to take even the slightest risk of their funds not being with them when they are not wagering on an event. With a few other cryptocurrencies that they also accept, banking at DirectBet is the simplest, yet most secure of any site in the gaming industry.

Bonuses Offered

While there is no direct bonus offered at the beginning, there is a VIP loyalty program that encompasses rewarding the most active players at the site. It is a very simplified program as players earn a loyalty point for each .001BTC they wager, or equivalent in another cryptocurrency, and the bonuses for reaching certain plateaus, can be found in the VIP reward section, on DirectBet’s website.

Site Details

Website URL:
Software: Proprietary
Languages: English
Min Bet: Any
Max Bet: Depends on market
License(s): None listed
Established: December 2013
Compatibility: Available on all devices

DirectBet Review Features

Bitcoin Casino

  • No


  • Yes


  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Live betting
  • No need to deposit to place a bet


  • Yes


  • No

Live Dealer

  • No

Customer Support

Customer support at DirectBet is great and the responses are answered in a very timely manner. Support can either be contacted through email, and they take no longer than 3 to 4 hours to respond. Although they do not have a live chat, questions that may concern players have been answered within their help section on their site. It is a very comprehensive help section, and most of the questions that we had were answered, within that section, without the need to contact support through email.

Fair Gaming

The fair gaming aspect of DirectBet is fully transparent, as players are able to check their bets with any of the sources that they would normally check their sports wagers with. The dice and poker games DirectBet provide use the “provably fair” verification and can be checked using the individual transaction hash, provided once the game is complete.


DirectBet is one of the top places for a player to play that contains a comprehensive sportsbook, with the added benefit of security for their funds. Although the industry is being able to strengthen the security of their sites more and more as time goes on, DirectBet once players that aren’t using funds to be able to keep those funds to themselves. DirectBet offers a seamless and easy method to wagering, without requiring a deposit for them to hold of any kind. With a great VIP loyalty program and customer support within the site and also through communication, players wanting a dedicated sportsbook will find DirectBet as one of their top choices. With security and a player-first mentality, it will be hard for players to want to play at many other places as long as DirectBet is around.


Bonuses Available

Name Loyalty points for every .001BTC
Bonus The more you bet the more you get back in real bitcoins!
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