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CryptoRoyale Review

CryptoRoyale Review – The Closed Pyramidal Bitcoin Wagering Site

Launched in early August 2013, was a Bitcoin wagering site that had very little public interest due to its concept of a pyramid scheme style of wagering. The concept behind the website was for a player to “purchase” a treasure chest, in hopes that within a 24-hour period, some other player would come along and purchase it for a higher price. For example, if a player purchased a treasure chest at a price of one Bitcoin, a 24 hour timer would start on the same chest, but the price would increase depending on how much the set percentage of increase that particular chest would be set to. So if the percentage was set to five percent, for the purpose of this example, the next player would purchase the chest for 1.05 Bitcoin and the original buyer would receive 100% of that. It was a twist on a basic pyramid scheme set-up, as every person would wager on another player coming after them, to in turn, make a profit plus the original wager. The downside to the game was the expiration of the 24 hour timer expiring. If a player did not have someone else “purchase” the treasure chest they were holding, they would only receive a miserable ten percent of whatever they were hoping to win. Although it was evident that only a handful of players ever participated and wagered Bitcoin at CryptoRoyale, it was practically set up to be a site that caused players a lot more anguish than it did any form of fun or Bitcoin wagering of any substance. Within the first two months of its arrival to the Bitcoin gaming community, it failed miserably to gain any traction within the Bitcoin gaming realm, and quickly dwindled down to what it is today, a site that is off-line and is hopefully never mimicked.

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Players are cautioned that if a similar site is to pop-up in the future, although it is not considered a scam, it is not a viable place that should be expected to maintain its standing as a place to wager Bitcoin.

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