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In February 2013, a minecraft-style site,, was created for Bitcoin enthusiasts wanting to place wagers on various styles of casino games. also provided games of chance that were unique to the site, such as a virtual pig racing game, a bar where you could win money by purchasing a virtual drink, and a minefield game of chance. It was a virtual multi-floor set up, with certain games being on certain floors. Higher floors had higher limits for players that had more than one Bitcoin in their account. The very top floor was a non-wagering floor for players to play games of skill against other players, without betting on the particular game. When first opened, players who were familiar with Minecraft were the first to start bringing traffic to the site. As’s popularity grew, so did its reach to players that were unfamiliar with what Minecraft was. It’s rise in popularity was, in turn, its biggest downfall in the long run and led to its eventual closure.

When first opened its virtual doors to the Bitcoin community, it seemed to be directly targeting players who were familiar with Minecraft, due to its unique design in how it was set up. Players unfamiliar with the graphic design of Minecraft seemed to not understand that although it did not look like a conventional Bitcoin casino, it’s functionality was just the same. The first floor only contained a lottery game and a virtual bar and to the average player, did not resemble a very trustworthy place to wager, so they quickly moved on. At the time, BitVegas was giving away 2mBTC an hour, which got more players interested in seeing all that they had to offer. The regular slots, blackjack, roulette, and Texas Hold ‘Em tables were on the second and third floors, while the higher limit tables were on the fourth and fifth floors. also had a virtual pig racing game, in which pigs were given pre-race odds that players could wager on. Each floor also had a virtual bar that players could “buy” virtual drinks from and have a 48% chance of getting double what they “bought” their drink for. Bitvegas also featured a minefield game, in which players would place a starting bet and as they advanced without hitting a mine, their payout would increase until they cashed out. The very top floor had various games of skill, which were excluded from wagering on, for players wanting to go head to head with other players. While the design seemed to be a turn off at first, as more players got familiar with it, the amount of daily players were increasing significantly.


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As was gaining in popularity, so too was a way to try to exploit the site. Around seven months after it’s introduction to the Bitcoin community, was hacked through a Bukkit related glitch. The hacker logged in under the owners usernames, Murderscene and Dinnerbone, and stole around eleven Bitcoins from the owners themselves and through players accounts. This led to no more communication from the owners and left players quickly scrambling to recover any Bitcoin that was fortunate to still be in their account. As imagined, BitVegas was no longer functioning within a month, although they were still online up until March 2014, at which point the domain expired. As many might consider a scam, due to the owner going silent and giving no explanation or apology, it was clearly a hacking that left both the owners and players with the unfortunate conclusion of lost Bitcoin and should be considered a hacking instead of a scam.

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