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At the end of June 2013, was established as a Bitcoin poker site that offered many perks to playing at their site. They offered enticing features such as: a low rake, no minimum deposit, hourly freerolls, the ability to play on a smart phone or tablet, and a variety of different styles of poker. As the site slowly grew, inevitably, so did its problems. Claims against included bots being used at tables, to the own site using fake accounts to drive up more popularity and legitimate players. In what seems to be an everlasting mystery, former players are still left scratching their heads about all that went on during BitsPoker’s eventual collapse and thievery.

From the misleading start, seemed to be headed in the right direction. As with most Bitcoin gaming sites, it did take a while for players to start to gravitate towards this new site. BitsPoker increased their player participation and sign ups, by offering multiple free rolls, daily. As the number of users signed up, the site began to upgrade, as time went on. They went from having a Flash software, to an HTML5 implementation, so that most devices were able to access gameplay. This increased both user sign up and it increased the volume of hands that were being played, and led to more players playing at BitsPoker. The success seemed to show that was going to be around for a while and ultimately, be a power player in the Bitcoin online poker realm. As success started to steamroll, that is when the problems started to mount and snowball into its huge demise.

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Accusations of cheating were starting to go around in the latter part of 2013, but since nothing could be proved, players paid very little attention to this rumor and continued playing. The rumors of the owners making dummy accounts and stealing players funds, through collusion, also were floating around, but like the previous rumors, could not be proven. Although these were just a few small bumps in the eventual closure of BitsPoker, the last accusation was the one that ultimately doomed It was announced in January 2014, that BitsPoker was up for auction and was soon to be sold. It was apparently “sold” in a private auction, but due to no information being publicly given to its players, the “buyer” remained anonymous. Of course at this time, there were no payouts being processed and players funds were being held within the site. The owner of the site claimed to now have a developmental role, and had no way of processing withdrawals. The “developer” also kept the buyer anonymous, and refused to give any details on the transaction or sale of Although a few select payouts were processed, it has ultimately been determined that the owner ran off with players funds, and posted a fake auction to alleviate the pressure of the scam that was being pulled off. At the time, Bitcoin had hit the one thousand dollar mark and was the highest price that Bitcoin has ever been, to date. Consequently, Bitspoker is now offline and many more questions have been left unanswered. The only question that can be answered: “Was BitsPoker a scam?” At first, the answer was no. As time went on and Bitcoin prices got higher, that answer turned into an emphatic “Yes”.

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