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When was first created in late 2012, it was set out to be the #1 provider in the market when it came to being able to place live bets, on sporting events. When BitcoinLiveBets first went live, the wagering choices were few and far between for sporting events. At the time of its introduction to the Bitcoin gambling sector, BitcoinLiveBets was only able to provide a limited selection of European soccer games and an extremely limited selection of American basketball and football games. As time ticked on though, they were able to provide a few more selections of games played in both continents, although the struggles and eventual demise of BitcoinLiveBets, was just starting to begin.

Early on, in the beginning stages of player acquisitions, BitcoinLiveBets struggled heavily to provide the selection that they boasted about in their first few public statements. They wanted to provide the following:

1) hundreds of live bets with special bets

2) extensive betting area for normal bets for every sport

3) fast processing and automatic crediting/debiting of accounts

4) investment chance

-When it came to providing hundreds of live bets, many players complained about the quantity of bets that BitcoinLiveBets set out to provide. The selection was low in quantity and a lot of users complained of the interface being buggy and not allowing them to, at times, not even be able place a bet.

-Players complained about the normal betting prices being overpriced compared to other sportsbooks. (In one case, having a price of -160, when the same exact price at another book was -119.) Players often complained about the selection of games being too low, even after BitcoinLiveBets promised they would add more, as time went on.

-When it came to depositing, they were practically instant. When it came to withdrawals, players complained about having to wait up to a week, when they were paying, and of course, not even getting a payout, once the booked close.

-Near the end of their operation, BitcoinLiveBets posted they were seeking investors to invest and make a “great return” on their investment. A few short weeks after they were seeking investors, they were no longer in service, and unfortunately, left the investors and their investments, without any explanation.

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When BitcoinLiveBets first started out, they had their problems, just like many sportsbooks do, in the beginning and developmental stages. With what eventually was determined to be a 2 to 3 man operation, it always seemed that the business of running a sportsbook was beginning to become a load on their shoulders. As more complaints rolled in, the responses were becoming less and less and ultimately, in July 2014, BitcoinLiveBets closed up shop and left players and investors and took their Bitcoin with them.


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