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-//- Review (Closed, March 2014), founded in early 2013, was a Bitcoin sportsbook that provided players an opportunity to wager on many different types of sporting events. They were one of the first books to provide a mobile way to place your wagers in the Bitcoin sportsbook arena. They also provided instant deposits and withdrawals when it came to the ever so important banking aspect of any gaming website. Bitbook prided itself on being one of the first “live game wagering” books for many players who were used to having that luxury with non-Bitcoin sites. They were able to provide many selections of sports and were always adding new selections, as players were requesting more sports and games to be added. When Bitcoin wagering first appeared as a service, Bitbook was a leader and a pioneer in what has proved to be one of the biggest arenas that Bitcoin is being used for today.

When it came to customer service, Bitbook solved most problems in a very timely manner, and were very pro-player on any issues that needed to be resolved, even if it was deemed questionable on which side the problem lied on. Although some players took exception to the limits that BitBook had set for their games, it ultimately set a precedent of how Bitcoin sportsbooks need capital security. While very few players complained about this, a lot of players quickly realized that BitBook was one of the few books that looked out for a players finances and never took more bets than they could pay out. In addition, players always had an avenue to contact Bitbook about anything they had a question or concern about. Through email and through various forums, players were always able to voice their comments and concerns and expect a professional, timely response.

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Although Bitbook was a very popular place to play when it first hit the market, unfortunately with the rise of other Bitcoin wagering sites and platforms, Bitbook had to shut its doors in late March 2014, due to the lack of availability of funding. Unlike most Bitcoin gaming sites, who would leave the players without their funds and no explanation of site closure, Bitbook released instant withdrawals for the remaining balance of players funds in the book. Although the site is no longer in service, Bitbook still remains as one of the more trustworthy Bitcoin gambling sites that has ever existed.

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