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BitArena Review (closed/offline)

BitArena was first put online in July 2013 and it was a rather peculiar way to wager Bitcoin, as it was different from any other casino. Although the popularity didn’t grow as strong as the creator had envisioned, it separated itself as a different way to wager Bitcoin. The premise behind the idea was simply a game of chance, but a player had the opportunity to win quite a large amount of Bitcoin on a very small wager. The idea behind the game was a one vs one battle and due in large part because of its uniqueness, BitArena unfortunately didn’t last very long, going offline a few months after it’s debut.

The explanation behind the idea of the game was a “king of the hill” type of game, where players who participated in this unique game, would wager on five different options, in order to win the game. Each option was designated a particular chance to win the game, and each option varied in price. The object of the game was to pick a weapon and beat the current champion. The rock had the lowest odds of winning, with a 5% chance and a cost of .005 Bitcoin. The second lowest odds were designated to the bow, with a 20% chance and a cost of .02 Bitcoin. The dagger had a 35% chance of winning and the cost to choose that as the weapon was .04 Bitcoin. The second best odds of winning were at 55% by choosing the sword and the cost was .065 Bitcoin. Finally, the best odds were at 70% with the axe, and the cost of selecting that weapon was .085 Bitcoin. Players who chose to play at BitArena were only required to have an account, so that all of the transactions were within one designated site. The game was played out as such: if the Challenger selected a weapon and were to lose, the champion would win 95% of the challengers entry fee, and the house would keep the remaining 5%. The champion stayed until the challenger replaced him. If the challenger were to have beaten the champion, the champion still kept all the winnings that they had prior won, but were replaced by the challenger at that point, with the challenger receiving a refund of his entry, fee for that game. This cycle would continue, repeatedly, with champions lasting anywhere from zero battles, to one previous champion lasting over 15 battles. The design of the game wasn’t too graphically elegant, but players seem to like uniqueness of the game, and the legitimacy of the game was never in question during the three months it was online.

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In late September 2013, the owner decided to take BitArena down, and there has been no announcement of its return. Although it was only one particular game of chance, it seemed to draw a few players who liked this style of game, but obviously not enough to keep the owner interested in.

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