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Established in 1996, 5Dimes.eu started out as a small sportsbook based out of Costa Rica and has exponentially grown, over the years, to one of the largest online gaming platforms, in existence today. 5Dimes offers comprehensive selections on a huge variety of different sporting events, including a numerous amount of prop bets available, for televised games. 5Dimes also provides players the option to play within 4 different types of casinos, depending on which one’s perks best suits a player’s needs. In addition, they also carry a popular poker room, a racebook, and a lottery section that is quite the value, if you play a local state lottery. With so much to offer, and now accepting Bitcoin deposits, 5Dimes is a player’s dream, no matter what they want to play.

Company Statement

“The 5Dimes Group is the gold standard in online gaming, dedicated to provide its customers with a rewarding, exciting and secure environment for online wagering. With top-of-the-line software and unique gaming opportunities, 5Dimes Group takes its players to the next level in online gambling. Wagering has never been more fun and safe, as The 5Dimes Group brings the Las Vegas atmosphere right to your home.

Established in San Jose, Costa Rica, our first casino was launched in November of 1996. Since then, The 5Dimes Group sites have surpassed other operations by offering a giant selection of lines, some of the best odds, 24-hour customer service, reliable payouts and secure transactions.”


As mentioned in the introduction, 5Dimes offers four different types of casinos, that are all unique to a player’s specific style of play. From the amount of choices of a particular game, to added payouts, player’s would be hard-pressed to find one of these four that wasn’t specifically tailored for them.

Bonus Casino

The bonus casino is the casino that provides the most selection of games, and also has variations of games, that payout higher winnings, based on what a player specifically wants. It is easily the most comprehensive option of the four casinos 5Dimes offers, due to the wide array of choices. This particular casino strives to offer the highest winning percentage at any online gaming site, and they couple that with the ability for a player to choose between different levels of payouts. For example, if a player chooses to play the “Full Pay Jacks or better” video poker, and achieves a Royal Flush, the payout for that win would be 976/1. If that same player had decided to pick the “Royal Bonus Jacks or better”, the payout would have been 1600/1. The only “catch”, if it could even be called that, is that the other winning hands, in a video poker game scenario, are diminished if a specific payout has been increased. So using the same two games, if a player achieves a flush in the “Full Pay Jacks or Better” variation, the payout is 6/1. If that same player achieved a flush in the “Royal Bonus Jacks or better” variation, the payout would fall to 2/1. Although there are too many of these different scenarios to cover, this gives full control to the player that wants to determine the scale of their payout, depending on how they wish to play. A few more quick examples of the bonus payouts of games are: red and black on American Roulette paying out 1.09/1, Pass and Don’t Pass line on Craps paying out 1.01/1, and other specific choosing, on the most popular casino games. While this particular casino doesn’t provide many slot options, it does provide a Bingo and Keno section, for players who play number draw games. With selections such as Blackjack, Roulette,  Poker variations, Baccarat, Bingo/Keno, and a few slots, this is the most complete of the four casinos, and has the lowest house edge, of the four.

Grand Casino

The Grand Casino that 5Dimes offers, is the casino that offers the most selections to players that are particularly interested in slots. They feature over 90 different slot games and progressive jackpots for most of them. They offer slots that are as simple as a three reel, one line slot, all the way to the six reel, 30 line slots, that slot players enjoy having the option to play. While slots may be the focal point of this particular casino, they also provide many other popular games that a player would expect, with a second main feature of the many variations of Blackjack they have implemented. Variations such as Super 21, Face up, Pontoon, Switch, and a few more Blackjack variations. Three card poker, let it ride, Caribbean stud poker, roulette, craps, and baccarat are also included, in the Grand Casino. The most advantageous part of a player playing at the Grand Casino, though, is the ability to earn comp points just like a player could, at any real casino. The comp points are based on bet size and selection of game, and can be redeemed, at any time, free and clear of any wagering restrictions. The Grand Casino can either be downloaded, or if more convenient, played within a player’s browser window. So for players wanting slots, variations of Blackjack, and a comp system, the Grand Casino is the best option.

Live Dealer Casino

5dimes has also included a live dealer casino that offers live dealt games of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Super 6. They also provide a quite unusual variation of Blackjack called, “Early Payout Blackjack”, in which you can sacrifice a normal payout for a winning hand, for a reduced payout, without taking the risk of the dealer beating you. Using a $50 bet example, if a dealer shows a 4 and a player’s total hand is 19, a calculated formula is produced, based on the likelihood of the player winning. An offer is then made (In this hypothetical case, the formula produced a payout of $85) at which point, the player can accept and receive those winnings, no matter how the rest of the hand is played out. So if the dealer’s total ended at 20, essentially the players that took the early payout, received a payout for losing. If the dealer’s total was less than 19 or the dealer was to bust out, the players who received $85 in return, would have had received $100 that would have been normally paid, by not choosing the early payout. In a nutshell, it is basically an insurance that is offered every hand, for those who want that option. Blackjack Early Payout and the comfortable and secure feeling of seeing live video of cards being dealt, are the reasons that a player would prefer this particular casino.

MatchPlay Casino

The MatchPlay Casino that 5Dimes provides, is the most lackluster among the four they provide. It doesn’t feature many games, and the rewards that are tied to this, don’t really pay off in the end. Further detailed below in the “Bonuses” section, this casino is where a player receives the best deposit bonus, when strictly just wanting to play casino games. Besides a few progressive jackpots, and single deck Blackjack, of the four casinos that consist within 5dimes, this one is at the bottom of the rankings.


Without a doubt, 5Dimes hangs its hat on its comprehensive and its mind-numbing number of selections, when it comes to placing a wager on sporting events. They have the widest array of selections that a player can imagine, coupled with the most competitive prices, within the online gaming industry. To describe the offerings that 5dimes continues to increase, would be impossible due to the always progressive movement that 5Dimes continues to show throughout the years. Players who wager on sports, will find that there may be too many options, which is never a bad problem to have for a particular sportsbook. Admittedly, 5Dimes was actually one of the last big sportsbooks to provide in-game betting, except during nationally televised games and only during commercial breaks. In early 2013 though, they finally added the feature and are slowly implementing a wider coverage of live games, available to wager on.  Not only impressive are the selections that a player can choose from particular sports or props, but also the wagering types for a player’s selections. These are the following that they currently cover:

  • Parlays– Whether a player wants a two team parlay card, all the way to a 25 team parlay card, 5Dime s has that covered. A player has the ability to parlay multiple kinds of sports and props, within one parlay card. The only downside to how 5Dimes has set up their parlay card, is the inability to choose two selections, from the same game. For example, players cannot couple spreads with totals, on the same card. Strangely, 5Dimes is one of the few places that this is disallowed. On a positive note, 5Dimes does give players the opportunity to select open spots for future options, to add to the card, if a desired line is not currently available. For example, if a player wanted to pick two games this week and two games next week, even though the lines may not be available, they can select two open spots so that they fill those in later.
  • IF and Rolling IF bets– These are one of the best features throughout the whole 5Dimes website. They work similarly to how a parlay works, but different due to the fact that every selection doesn’t need to be correct. When a player chooses to select a rolling IF bet, the player must have a pending wager. So for example, if a player has already placed a wager on a particular event, and only wants to wager if that event happens to win, they can take the potential future potential winnings, and allocate them to an event that has not started yet. This takes the risk out of using a player’s available balance, with a selection that is yet to be finished. So if by chance the pending selection loses, no bet will be placed for the event that has yet to be started. Regular IF Bets, start out with selecting a wager a player is particularly confident in, then starting a chain until the desired amount of selections have been picked. Players can choose to proceed, with the selected future bets, if the previous one wins or wins/ties. An example of this, is the following (using 1:1 payouts for the sake of simplicity):

A player places their $100 balance on a “win only” two selection IF bet. They wager $100 on the 1st selection and $150 on the 2nd event, in the anticipation of the 1st selection winning. When Event 1 proceeds to win, then Event 2’s $150 bet is activated. If Event 2 wins, then the player is left with a $350 balance (Event 1’s $100 to win $100=$200, 2nd bet placed for $150, with $50 remaining. Event 2’s $150 to win $150, in addition to the $50 that wasn’t used to wager on Event 2=$350). IF tie or win selections proceed to be slightly different, since you are unable to wager future funds that you may have, since the tie selection has been chosen. The most you could wager, using our previous $100 bankroll scenario, would be $100, since theoretically, all selections could tie, gaining no increased available balance. There is enough information on IF Bets to dedicate a full article to it. IntenseGambling.com have explained it better than I could, so I recommend reading their piece.

As confusing as it sounds, if a player is new to the concept, it is a nice benefit that only a handful of sites are able to provide.

  • Teasers/Pleasers– 5Dimes offers the most remarkable selection of teasers and pleasers within any sportsbook that a player will find, anywhere. With teaser selections going up to 20 points in football and 16 points in basketball, spread from a player’s choice from 2 to 15 teams, it is why they are the clear leader in providing multiple opportunities, when wagering. As if that wasn’t enough to provide for players, they also provide 2 to 6 team pleasers, and parlay/teaser cards that allow 1 to 4 losses, the only obvious downside being reduced payouts.
  • Futures-5Dimes covers a vast variety of future wagers as well. From the Heisman Trophy winner, to the Super Bowl champion, to the English Premier League champion, and even some future Oscar selections, 5Dimes adequately holds its weight, in this category.


For poker enthusiasts, 5Dimes has all a player could want, when wanting to find a place to play. They have one of the most popular poker rooms serving the US market, with games available around the clock. 5Dimes provides their own Poker room called the”Grand Poker Room”. If a player is looking for a bigger game selection, softer competition, and a Poker room that always seems to have players at tables and guaranteed tournaments running, the “Grand Poker Room” is the one that would most suit their needs. If a player is just beginning, enjoys playing at a smaller poker room, and does not have a large bankroll, then the “Grand Poker Room”, would is also suitable.


If a player enjoys betting on the ponies, 5Dimes is one of the few places that offer a good amount of coverage, around the United States horse racing tracks. If there is an event that is taking place at a rather large track, 5Dimes is usually able to accommodate the player’s bevy of choices, as if they were there at the track, in person. They receive odds direct from the track themselves, once posted by the track, so players needn’t worry when it comes to accuracy of odds. Although 5Dimes recognizes that their racebook isn’t their bread-and-butter, it goes to show how far they are willing to go to accommodate player requests, and provide another feature that most other gaming sites, tend to lack.


If residing in the United States, there is no place better to play a state lottery, than at 5Dimes. Any state that has a Draw 3 and/or Draw 4 style lottery, 5Dimes gives a player the ability to bet on a particular draw, depending on how a specific state runs it. So for example, if New York had a midday and evening 3 and 4 number draw, then a player could submit a ticket, as if he had purchased it within that state. The biggest advantage to playing this within 5Dimes, is that as it may cost the same purchase the ticket, the payouts are 40% higher, then they would be with a local state lottery. Pick three numbers right, and at a state lottery, you’ll receive $500, but with 5Dimes, that would turn into $900. Pick four numbers right, and at a state lottery, that would win a player $5000. Pick four numbers right at 5Dimes that nets a player $9000. So if you’re a player of your local state lottery, 5Dimes even has players covered for that.


After a long-awaited announcement, 5Dimes has started accepting Bitcoin as a way of both deposit and withdrawal. If you are strictly using Bitcoin to deposit, you are allowed to withdrawal up to $25,000 worth a day, when available. A couple of negatives about 5Dimes Bitcoin deposits are that they require an absurd seven confirmations, before they are credited to an account, and that a deposit of Bitcoin, must be at least $100 worth. As time goes on, it is fully expected for the number of confirmations to decrease, as seven confirmations is a ridiculous amount. Especially when other casinos have zero confirmation deposits, in 2014, 5Dimes will need to work on this issue, in the near future. They also have a wide variety of other different payouts, as well, but for the purpose of this review, they do offer Bitcoin for funding. Withdrawals of players funds, can be requested between 9am to 11pm, but just like the deposit, the payout will take more time than most other Bitcoin gaming sites.

Bonuses Offered

By far, 5Dimes blows away the competition when it comes to bonus offers, throughout their site. Although a player might get discouraged that they can’t accept more than one particular type of bonus, the one that they choose will be boast-worthy enough, in itself. From reduced juice, to 20% cashback, and extra casino and sportsbook free plays, there is a offer suited for everyone who uses specific parts of the site, more often than others. A promotion that has almost completed its course, as of December 2014, is the On-The-House Promotion. Simply put, after 7 straight deposits, of not winning, 5Dimes takes the average of the 7, and applies it to your account. If you were to lose that, then they give you the 8th as well. Although they are failed to be mentioned within this review, the bonuses of 5Dimes are specifically tailored to each individual’s need. These bonuses are often considered the best in the industry, and there is no close 2nd.

Site Details

Website URL: http://www.5dimes.eu
Software: Real Time Gaming, Visionary iGaming, Custom
Languages: English
Min Bet: $0,50
Max Bet: Varies by selection
License(s): Costa Rica
Established: 1998
Compatibility: PC/MAC/Android/iPhone

5Dimes Review Features

Bitcoin Casino

  • 4 different casinos
  • High Bitcoin limits
  • Download, Instant Play, Mobile


  • One of the top US facing poker rooms.


  • Reduced juice on lines
  • Great for NFL, NBA and NCAA
  • Teasers/Pleasers and Futures markets offered
  • Good selection of markets on Racebook.
  • In-Play betting


  • Not available


  • Better odds than the actual lottery

Live Dealer

  • Yes

Customer Support

As a player might expect, for the vastness of a site such as 5Dimes, their customer support is at the top of the industry, as well. Contact avenues through live chat, email, and telephone are all 24/7, and are always quick to resolve any issues or problems, even at their busiest hours. 5Dimes seems to have a full staff on hand, and are always polite and respectful, when dealing with players.

Fair Gaming

To ensure that players are getting the absolute highest payouts and fairness in all games, the casinos and poker room undergo a monthly third party audit process in which it receives the Certified Fair Gambling’s RTP Certification. This ensures all fairness, within the 5Dimes software programs, and continue to provide a fair realm for players online.


To say 5Dimes has it all? Well, that would be an understatement. Tailored for the specific needs of everyone who has wagered on anything, the longevity of 5Dimes speaks for itself. To go along with their main cog, which is their sportsbook, they also have demonstrated an ability to make every other feature, nearly as strong. If the slight negative is being patient for Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, then as a player, that is totally acceptable, with what all they have to offer. With four different casino options, a racebook, a lottery room, and a highly rated room, 5Dimes is the top dog when it comes to Bitcoin betting.

Bonuses Available

Name $520 Free Play
Bonus Up to $520 in free bets is offered to all the new players.
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