While we have discussed the evolution of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin in much depth, the evolution of the Bitcasino is something that we haven’t quite touched on yet. The is a huge market of Bitcoin casinos that you can view on our site, and this is providing Bitcoin gambling fans a chance to play a huge variety of their favourite games, including blackjack and poker, alongside more niche games like keno and dice games. The Bitcasino has an interesting history, and here, we’re taking a look at just how much of an influence this form of gambling will have on the industry in the future.

The First Ever Bitcoin Casino

The first ever Bitcoin Casino to have been introduced to the market was Bitcasino.io, and this was first launched back in January 2014. This casino was one of the major landmarks for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and marked a new avenue for Bitcoin to venture down, while opening more options for gambling fans to enjoy. This particular Bitcasino is also helping to continually grow the Bitcoin casino industry with a huge number of game selections.

Nevertheless, while Bitcasino.io was the first platform to accept Bitcoin as its sole currency, there are a number of other sites that adopted the Bitcoin as a side-part to their website. One such example is Primedice.com, which introduced Bitcoin to some of its gaming options, almost as a test to determine how popular this avenue would be. This led to a revolution with the way online gambling is perceived and also played.

How Bitcoin Casino Technology Has Changed The Online Market

Bitcoin casinos are offering a whole new world for online casino gaming, and this is quickly beginning to adapt people’s attitudes towards the cryptocurrency that used to receive so much negative press into a much more positive one. Bitcoin casino technology is providing a new range of security options for online gambling fans, through the use of blockchain technology, and this is an extremely important factor for a number of online gamblers.

This is done through the lack of authentication and personal document uploads that you can expect to find on a regular online casino, which, while protected by the site’s individual security protocols, may still be in harm’s way when it comes to hackers and ransomware for example.

Due to the complex authentication processes within a Bitcoin wallet, with the public and private keys that a person needs to have in order to send and receive money to and from their Bitcoin wallet, the need for uploading personal data is reduced. This ultimately creates a much safer environment for Bitcoin gamblers.

In addition to this, the Bitcoin technology also provides a pseudo-anonymous gaming environment for players around the world to enjoy, and the decentralised currency means that people can play on Bitcasinos no matter where they are in the world, as their gameplay is almost untraceable. The evolution of the Bitcasino is allowing a totally new gaming environment that is ultimately much safer and much more secure than a regular online casino.

Availability Of Games

As the Bitcasino market begins to evolve, the availability of the games is beginning to increase much more rapidly. This means that more people are set to be attracted to Bitcasinos as they will find their favourite games all in one place. If, for example, they enjoy playing dice games more than any other game, then they can find Bitcasinos that either offer dice games throughout their platform as a sole offering, or alternatively offering dice games a subsection to the rest of their site, providing them with a truly versatile gaming experience.

The more Bitcasinos that enter the market, the more games become available, and with the sudden surge in price of the Bitcoin since May 2017, it’s highly likely we will see more investment into the Bitcoin market. This will ultimately open up many more doors for Bitcasino players to venture into, leading more gaming developers to produce even more titles.

Bitcasino Regulations

Bitcasinos have the potential to truly revolutionise the online gambling industry, and this will come with time and with more trust. With regulations coming in from Japan, not just on the Bitcoin currency but also on digital exchanges, Bitcasinos are likely to become a much more accessible, and sought after pastime for players to enjoy. The more regulation the cryptocurrency has, the more trustworthy and stable the currency will become. With gamblers already wagering billions on unregulated Bitcoin betting sites, the chances are this will only increase with more regulations being put in place on a day-to-day basis.