Bitcoin Keno sites are becoming increasingly popular, just like the game is itself. Keno began as an alternative form of lottery game which hit the online community around 10 years ago. Since then, the game has become a huge new craze for those who love lottery games and even more so since Bitcoin began to dominate the online gambling community.

The game is quite simple, as all you have to do is choose a certain amount of numbers on your lottery ticket or even just take a “quick ticket” where the number are selected on your behalf and the game will then pull up a certain amount of balls that all have a number of them. If you hit most or all of your numbers, you’ll win a prize depending on the amount of numbers hit and what the site offers.

Where To Find The Best Bitcoin Keno Sites

While Bitcoin keno is becoming increasingly popular, not all of the sites offer Bitcoin keno casino games yet, although the potential is still there to do so. There are still plenty of options when it comes to finding the best Bitcoin keno games and sites, however. Here at Bitcoin Casino Pro, we have put together a list of Bitcoin keno sites, which have all been given ratings on their gaming experience, customer service, software and graphics, games and much more. The best part is, these ratings have been provided by our Bitcoin enthusiasts and real members, so you can be certain that all of our reviews here are based on real-life experiences!

What Is Bitcoin Keno?

Bitcoin keno is a very simple game to play. Similar to the lottery, all you have to do is choose numbers from 1-80, with the number of picks that you can make in each game depending on each individual Bitcoin keno casino. In many cases, the number that you can choose will sit between 1 and 15, which will be arranged in rows of 8 to 10 numbers. The casino will then randomly generate 20 numbers. If you have chosen any of the correct numbers, then you will be rewarded with winnings which are accumulated depending on the amount of correct numbers that you have chosen and how much you wagered. Some Bitcoin keno gambling sites will also provide a number of extra bonuses and rewards, alongside variants of the traditional keno game. This provides a whole new exciting gaming experience for players, in a safe and secure environment which Bitcoin and block chain technology provides.

Where Did Keno Originate?

Keno is one of the oldest and most traditional types of lottery game. The word ‘keno’ has roots in both French and Latin, but the game itself has origins linking back to Ancient China. Interestingly, 2nd century legends describe an Emperor known as Cheung Leung who came up with an idea to raise funds for his wars – a lottery type game. This became extremely popular with both the poor and the wealthy alike, and according to some sources, the game was even said to have funded the building of the Great Wall Of China.

Keno evolved from being played with letters of the Chinese alphabet to the game that we know today. Fast forward to the 21st century and block chain technology has evolved the game even more. This digital revolution allows an exciting gaming experience across the internet, along with the chance to play it with the popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Now, Bitcoin keno is becoming one of the most popular forms of online gaming for those looking for a simple, easy to play and fun gaming experience.

What Can You Expect When Playing Bitcoin Keno?

With Bitcoin Keno, there are a number of different expectations that you may have. Whether that’s the variation of keno you’re looking at or the gaming experience, every Bitcoin keno casino site will be different. However, there are a few things that you can be certain to experience when playing at any of the Bitcoin keno gambling sites on our list.

First and foremost, you can expect to have absolutely no fees on your deposits or withdrawals – no matter whether you are playing in the USA or anywhere else in the world. The bitcoin itself has little to no fees associated with it and for deposits (you will pay the tiny fee yourself), while for withdrawals the few cents it costs, the site will take care of it all for you. The deposits will be credited to your account almost instantly, with the waiting time being from one to 40 minutes on average, depending on which service the site pays for. It can, in rare cases, take longer – if the block chain takes longer than usual to confirm the transfer. However, 40 minutes as a transfer time is a good rule of thumb.

When it comes to withdrawals, you can receive these within 48 hours in most cases, as the sites are not reliable on payment providers having to submit it. Instead, they only have to make the most basic security checks and then they transfer the bitcoins to your Bitcoin wallet, taking a mere few hours for some sites.

Another great factor for choosing Bitcoin as your currency for playing keno is that you can play completely anonymously. Bitcoin keno sites will not ask for your private information when you register and play, nor will they require it when you need to cash out. Instead, they will only ask for you to submit your email address, a username and a password. Once that has been set, you are basically ready to play! From this point onwards you will need to use a unique bitcoin address to send the Bitcoins to and will be on your way to playing Bitcoin keno.

When you play Bitcoin keno games, you can expect to have a smaller chance of winning over a long-term period, due to the game being a lottery styled game where there isn’t any sort of skill or ideal strategy to apply. However, it is worth noting that you also have the opportunity to obtain some even higher winnings that you would with some other casino games. There are even Bitcoin keno games that are provably fair, meaning you can be sure you are always playing in a fair and unbiased environment. Bitcoin keno gambling sites can provide you with the server strings of each ball and game, which you can then check if it is truly random or not. This provides a safe, fair and reliable keno environment for you when you want to gamble with your Bitcoins.

What Is The Difference Between Bitcoin Keno & Regular Keno?

There are a number of differences between Bitcoin keno and regular keno, but it has nothing to do with game-play itself. The games are the same, even the different variants of keno will still be very similar, if not identical, on Bitcoin keno sites. However, it is all about the benefits of gambling with Bitcoin instead of with fiat-currency when it comes to Bitcoin keno, as it outshines any other differences that there may be.

The best Bitcoin casino games & sites allow you to play completely anonymously, meaning you don’t have to worry about anybody knowing who you are and what you want to play. In addition to this, you can benefit from free deposits and withdrawals with almost every Bitcoin keno gambling sites, with both of them being processed just as fast, if not faster, than regular payment methods would in other online casinos.

In addition to this, you don’t have to worry about playing from regulated territories. Bitcoin sites are decentralised, meaning you do can play even when legal jurisdictions prevent other forms of online gambling. The biggest difference with Bitcoin keno gambling sites however, is that you can prove that the games are completely random and fair, as the casinos provide you with the server seeds so you can actually check! Here at Bitcoin Casino Pro, our ranked list of Bitcoin dice sites will provide you with the perfect starting point when it comes to finding the most reputable & most trustworthy Bitcoin dice gambling sites.

How To Play Bitcoin Keno

Playing Bitcoin keno is actually very straightforward, meaning you can enjoy the thrills of each and every game even more! The games will be split into what’s known as ‘races’ and before each one you can purchase a card on which you select your numbers. In some cases, you can buy more than one card but this will depend on each individual Bitcoin keno casino. When you’ve picked your numbers, you can submit them, and then the game will generate the winning numbers. The amount of winnings that you will receive will depend on the numbers that you have chosen, whether they have been drawn and the amount that you have wagered. You can join the race in any of our listed Bitcoin gambling sites!

Bitcoin Keno Games & Software

Bitcoin is still in its infancy, meaning Bitcoin keno software is rather rare. However, the games that you can come across on the world wide web are exceptional. There are a few different providers who can offer you to the chance to play a number of the best Bitcoin keno games for you and the games are very similar to a lottery game.

Bitcasino, MbitCasino and Betchain all offer Bitcoin keno games, with many different varieties to choose from. Whether you’re looking to play 40-ball or 80-ball instant keno, you can be sure to find it on a number of sites on our list. There you’ll choose your numbers and press play to instantly see the result – similar to a slot machine or other instant play table games.

With the best Bitcoin keno games, you can enjoy fun graphics, fast game-play sounds and much more- all in one place. You have the possibility to choose to play just one game, three games, or even ten games all in a row using the very same numbers. Whether you like choosing the same numbers over and over out of superstition or if you want to pick different numbers each time you can! Whatever you’re looking to do, you can be sure to find do it with Bitcoin keno gambling sites. Bitcoin keno is a thrilling game to play, so have a look at our ranked list and choose from the best Bitcoin keno sites today!