The digital currency Bitcoin has really taken off over the past few years. Since its creation in 2008, Bitcoin has transformed from an elusive concept, rarely heard of outside of particular online circles, to being widely used across a range of sectors. It has even predicted that Bitcoin could be the future of money. In the past, the main way you could earn Bitcoins online was through mining them yourself. More recently a number of platforms have begun to use Bitcoin as a payment method and blogging is one of them.

How Blogging Has Risen in Popularity

As social media has risen in popularity, so has blogging. The need for individuals to share everything online has resulted in the expansion beyond the limited word count of twitter and onto platforms which accommodate for long form pieces. There are a number of free platforms which allow users the freedom and creativity to create their own blogs from scratch, designing them to suit their needs and allowing them to connect with other users. A number of distinct blogging areas have become prevalent online, such as lifestyle and travel blogging, and in some cases the quality of the content produced by bloggers has allowed them to build up a large following. Some bloggers have used their online presence to monetise the hobby and turn it into a way of making a living-these individuals are known as professional bloggers. Despite a number of Bitcoin scandals, blogging platforms are enabling people to receive their payment in Bitcoins as cryptocurrencies become more widely used in a range of industries.

If you’re interested in monetizing your blog, here are some of the most common ways which it is possible to earn Bitcoin through blogging.

Pay Per Click Bitcoin Adverts

One of the most common ways in which people monetize their blogs is by including adverts on their websites which, when clicked, generate a small amount of income for the blogger. There are now a number of Bitcoin advert networks which allow users to implement these adverts onto their blog, simply by copying a snippet of code onto their blog to allow the adverts to display. On WordPress, a popular blogging platform, it’s possible for users to use their text widgets for this purpose.

Pay Per Impression and Premium Advertising Networks

Although Pay per Click adverts are an extremely easy way to earn Bitcoin by blogging, they are not always the most profitable way to do so. This is because most people avoid generic adverts and click off of the blog without paying much attention to them, let alone actually engaging with them. As a result, it can be more advantageous to get in touch with some premium quality advertising networks that pay the blogger to run specifically chosen adverts on their website. These adverts are usually far more relevant to the blogger’s audience and therefore make it easier to earn from them. Pay per impression advertising is where companies will pay the blogger a certain amount for every 1,000 or so times an advert is seen.

 Affiliate Programs

Most people will have encountered people using affiliate programs on social media without even realising. If you’ve ever seen a post where someone with a large following is advertising a product indirectly, this is likely to be part of an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing programs are mutually beneficial for the company and the blogger; the blogger receives payment in return for writing a promotional post which advertises or reviews a specific product. They are usually required to include affiliate links to the company’s website and where to buy the product within their blog post. This is a very simple way to earn money online and there are a number of programs which can pay bloggers using Bitcoin. Bloggers looking to get involved with affiliate programs should avoid the temptation of signing up to advertise a large number of low quality products as this may cause them to lose their audience.

Blogging is a growing industry, with more people seeking out ways to monetize their blog and turn a creative hobby into a professional career but blogging could see many changes in the future. Bitcoin is definitely going to be seen more within the online blogging and social media world in the future. It is highly likely that more online blogging platforms will follow the lead of WordPress and begin accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for their own premium services, as well as supporting bloggers who wish to monetize their blogs and receive payment via Bitcoin.